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Holistic Approaches in Cardiovascular Disease

  • All Virtual Meetings in HOPECARDIS 2020 are free of charge

Virtual Meeting in Webinar Series

  • All Virtual Meetings in HOPECARDIS 2020 are free of charge

Hopecardis 2020

  • All Virtual Meetings in HOPECARDIS 2020 are free of charge





Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

Cardiovascular diseases remain a major health concern worldwide. It is still the leading cause of premature death globally especially in low and middle income countries. Our nation struggles with the socioeconomic impacts of cardiovascular diseases and has gone through changes in its healthcare system in an effort to reduce this burden. Medical professionals are expected to manage this ever increasing problem accordingly. Optimal management of cardiovascular diseases requires collaboration of healthcare providers working in every level. Our commitment as medical professionals in providing high quality cardiovascular care necessitates continous update on groundbreaking cardiovascular research and breakthroughs which form the basis of evidence-based practice.

To facilitate this need, The Indonesian Cardiocerebrovascular Society (ICS) also with Cardiology Division, and in collaboration with Continuning Medical Education of The Department of Internal Medicine, Universitas Indonesia-Cipto Mangunkusumo National Referral Hospital will be holding the annual scientific meeting, Holistic Approach in Cardiovascular Disease (HOPECARDIS).

The event had actually been prepared in advance to be held in Jakarta. However, due to the recent pandemic outbreak all over the world, the newly found infectious disease caused by the new strain of Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2), we realize the best recommended measures to do now is physical distancing. Furthermore, advanced technology have allowed us to prepare a sequence of event, online based, as Virtual Meeting HOPECARDIS 2020 as a series of webinar which include various topics related to cardiovascular, some are related to COVID-19 to endeavor best practices in this day and age.

In the upcoming event, latest advances in cardiovascular management and their practical applications in clinical practice will be reviewed more in depth. We will share our clinical experience over the years in the field of general and interventional cardiology. The virtual meetings will explore various topics and issues found in the field of cardiology that can be applied also in general practice circumstances. Participants will have the chance to ask directly their concern regarding these problems to the expert panelist.

It is our privilege to host this year's event and to work together with experts in their fields. We encourage you to participate in Virtual Meeting HOPECARDIS 2020.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Warmest regards, Dr. Ika Prasetya Wijaya, SpPD, K-KV, FINASIM, FICA, FACP
(President of ICS)

dr. Muhadi, SpPD, K-KV, M.Epid, FINASIM