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Abstract Submission Instruction

Abstract Submission Instruction
Participants are invited to submit their paper abstract. All abstracts will be presented as poster presentation. Instruction for submission:

- Submission for abstract should be attached via email to The abstract should be submitted no later than July 5th, 2019.
- The text should not exceed 250 words with font type Times New Roman, size 12.
- The title must be written in capitals and in bold on top of the abstract.
- Table, graph and chart are permitted to be included in the abstract (limited by one item per category)

All abstracts will be reviewed by the committee and the qualified abstracts will be presented in the exhibition in the form of scientific poster.

Scientific Poster Presentation
All qualified abstract will be given to be presented at the scientific poster exhibition in the symposium venue. The poster should be sized 90 x 120 cm and should be brought on the day of the symposium for installation. Please contact the committee at the symposium for installation assistance.

Each participant will be given an opportunity to verbally present their scientific poster. Please do check and confirm the schedule with the committee prior to the event.